Work With Me!

Looking for help with your pets? Look no further.

There’s no shame in having problems with your pets and best of all, sometimes the solution can be as simple as making small adjustments to make them more comfortable in their environment. With years of first-hand experience working with animals as well as a wealth of education in companion animal cognitive and behavioral sciences, I can quickly diagnose what’s going on with animals and develop solutions.

By understanding the brain and its cognitive functions, I can get to the root of behavioral issues. And while behavior problems sometimes seem complicated, they’re often tied back to simple things. By discovering the root of behavior and working to solve it, your pets can get back to doing what they do best: making you happy.

So, if you’re in the Baltimore or Washington, DC area, I’m available for consultations. And if you’re not, but you’re savvy with taking videos and pictures, rest assured. I’ve helped plenty of people in that situation, too.

Not sure if you need help? These are the most common things I work to fix:

  • Litter box issues
  • Inappropriate aggression/hunting behavior
  • Hyperactivity and overstimulation
  • Separations anxiety
  • Fears and phobias
  • Excessive barking
  • Biting/Hissing/Swatting
  • Territorial behavior
  • Etc

Want to know my experience?

On top of my educational experience in animal cognition and behavior (as well as ongoing studies), I’ve been a vet tech, an adoption counselor and am currently the Feline Behaviorist at Maryland’s largest open admission shelter. My role includes solving behavioral issues and determining the best course of action, defining protocols to best care for the animal’s mental state and more.

How much will it cost?

It’s important to note, each case is different. Sometimes an hour or two can solve the problem. Sometimes it will require a deeper dive. The one guarantee I can make is if you’re willing to listen and work with me to implement the best solutions, you’ll learn more about your animal and ideally avoid rehoming.

You’ll find that my prices are more than competitive and I go above and beyond to make sure each and every client (and their humans) come away happy.

Rates start at $50 per hour.

Ready to get started? Let’s get in touch! You can email me at  or call me directly at 704-993-1501