The Benefits of Neutering

[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]The Benefits of Neutering When I was a kid we had a dalmatian, Nickelodeon. To say that he was energetic would be an understatement! He’d regularly get out of our yard despite the many attempts of my father to keep him in. I can only imagine what he’d do or where he’d go, but one thing was for sure, he was makin’ babies! Back then, there wasn’t much talk about the importance of neutering and spaying our animals, so my parent’s didn’t think about it. The spotted consequences of his escapades are visible even today.

Today, there are spay/neuter initiatives, public service announcements, and data supporting the importance of neutering our pets. Luckily, fixing our animals has never been easier. There are spay/neuter clinics at almost every major shelter and many that will even come to you!

Besides civic duty and responsible pet ownership, there are benefits to neutering your pet. I’ve come up with a quick list based on a few studies.

Undesirable Sexual Behavior

  • Reduced interest in females
  • Reduced roaming by 90% in cats and 70-80% in dogs
  • Less mounting in dogs by 70-80% while 25% of cases were resolved
  • Reduced masturbation

Urine Marking

  • Neutering can reduce marking in 70-80% of dogs, again, with a 40% resolution rate
  • Marking is reduced by 90% in cats


  • Intermale aggression reduced by 60% in dogs and 90% in cats
  • Aggression within the family reduced by 30% in dogs
  • Aggression with strange people and dogs reduced by 30%

It’s important to keep in mind that these behaviors may only be reduced at first, but over time you should notice them less and less as they fall out of habit.

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