Ending Puppy Play Biting

What’s cuter than a puppy? Very few things, that’s for sure! Raising a puppy, just like raising a toddler, is equal parts rewarding and exhausting. Play biting or mouthiness is a common problem for puppy owners that can get out of hand as the dog gets older but can easily be addressed with a few consistent … [Read more…]

Gremlin’s Adoptiversary Giveaway!

There are two kinds of dogs in shelters, dogs who have known birthdays and dogs who have one made up for them. When we adopted Gremlin they gave us an idea of when he was born, mid-February they assumed. Based on the heart-shaped marking on his head, it was obvious that the little guy was … [Read more…]

Counterconditioning Fear

Most dogs live in a very predictable world. They know what to expect from you and their surroundings on a day to day basis, which is very comforting. Even humans enjoy a certain amount of predictability! Fears seem to pop up out of nowhere, but it’s often time the result of surprises or irregularities. Counterconditioning … [Read more…]

The Benefits of Neutering

[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]When I was a kid we had a dalmatian, Nickelodeon. To say that he was energetic would be an understatement! He’d regularly get out of our yard despite the many attempts of my father to keep him in. I can only imagine what he’d do or where he’d go, but one thing was … [Read more…]

Recognizing Fearful Body Language

Fear is my favorite subject. When you consider how many problem behaviors stem from fear you’ll realize how important it is to better understand it.  The more we know about fear the more we can do to help our animals overcome it. Even for the most rational humans, fear can be debilitating, so it’s no … [Read more…]

Murder Cat

That’s what they call Trout at his old boarding facility (old because we moved, not because he hurt anyone). When we’d pick him up, they’d sound nervous at the prospect of getting him in his carrier and 9 times out of 10 would ask us to help. I have been in their shoes, particularly with … [Read more…]

DIY Cat Treat Dispenser!

I’ve been wanting to do something fun for Trout, but I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly. So, naturally, I took to Pinterest, where I found an Instructable for a Cat Powered Auto Feeder. Sounds cool, right?! I read through the instructions and figured out a few ways to streamline the design. This is … [Read more…]

How To Stop Destructive Scratching

As first-time cat owners, we listened in horror as our kitten’s claws ripped into the wingback chair that was once my husband’s grandfather’s (don’t worry, the plan has always been to reupholster it!). Like other cat owners, we rushed out for scratching posts. And, like other cat owners, we watched as our kitten played with … [Read more…]