Gremlin’s Adoptiversary Giveaway!

Gremlin's Adoptiversary

There are two kinds of dogs in shelters, dogs who have known birthdays and dogs who have one made up for them. When we adopted Gremlin they gave us an idea of when he was born, mid-February they assumed. Based on the heart-shaped marking on his head, it was obvious that the little guy was born on Valentine’s Day! We celebrate his birthday every year with a special cake and a new toy or two. I know it’s a little dark, but I don’t love celebrating his birthday. Every year he gets older and grayer and I have to be reminded that he only has so many years with us. I try not to think about it, but I can’t help it.

Party with Gremlin!

Party with Gremlin!

The day I look forward to celebrating is September 19th, the day we call his adoptiversary. We love to reminisce about meeting him for the first time and all the wonderful people who took care of him at the shelter. We love that he’s part of our family and can’t imagine what it would be like if he weren’t!

Before Scout was born, we used to always take him out for a long hike and one year we even rented a boat! It’s an exciting day for us and this year we want you to be part of the celebration! That’s why Gremlin and I put together a giveaway of all his favorite toys and treats that one of you will win on his adoptiversary. The prizes will be based on the size and strength of the winner. 🙂

This awesome giveaway will include Gremlin’s favorite Kong Crackle Stick, the Backyard BBQ Nylabone pack, an Outward Hound Hedgehog, his favorite squeaker ball from Hertz, and the most delicious Nutro Crunchy Treats. Share the contest form to double your chances of winning! The winner will be announced on September 19th!

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Celebrate Gremlin's sixth adoptiversary with us by entering to win all of Gremlin's favorite toys! The winner will get a Kong Crackle Stick, a Backyard BBQ Nylabone set, an Outward Hound Hedgehog toy, a Hertz squeaky ball, and an assortment of Nutro Crunchy Treats! Share this contest with your friends a get a double entry! The winner will be announced September 19th! Good luck!! (Sorry, U.S. residents only)
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  1. What a sweet story, it’s so nice that you celebrate his birthday/Adoption day with such enthusiasm & love! I don’t do a great job of that with my dogs. Great giveaway!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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