DIY Cat Treat Dispenser!

DIY Cat Treat Dispenser!

I’ve been wanting to do something fun for Trout, but I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly. So, naturally, I took to Pinterest, where I found an Instructable for a Cat Powered Auto Feeder. Sounds cool, right?! I read through the instructions and figured out a few ways to streamline the design. This is my version of this DIY cat treat dispenser! 


Here’s everything I used — The zip ties I used to mount it to his perch aren’t seen here


You’ll need:

  • A water bottle – a glass of ice to pour it into 😉
  • A container with a top that has a swinging cap that will fit the bottle once it’s cut – more on this in a sec
  • A rubber band
  • A toy ball – the one I used has a bell in it for extra fun
  • Scissors
  • Cat treats – or food if you think your kitty will over indulge
  • A drill
  • A boring drill bit – You can buy a single blade at Walmart for under $3
  • A way to attach the toy to something – I used zip ties

The container I used is a drink mix container with a screw on lid that has a swinging cap. This was important for anchoring the rubber band. It cost me $1.70 at Walmart. You can find it with the measuring cups in housewares.

The lid with a swing top streamlines this design

Same Idea



Once you have all your materials the construction is a breeze! The whole project took around 20 minutes to complete.

You’ll start by cutting the top off the water bottle so it can dry while you prepare the rest of the pieces.


Next, drill the hole in the container. I used a one-inch blade, which was snug but fit well.


Combine the two bottles by placing the water bottle upside down into the container so the mouth of the bottle sits in the hole you drilled in the bottom of the container.


The next step was easily the most frustrating. You’ll need to thread a rubber band through the holes in the ball. You can do this easily by using a piece of string to thread the rubber band through. Then loop the rubber band through itself.


Once you have that done, thread the rubber band up through the bottom of the container so the ball is on the outside and the rubber band is running up through the two bottles. You’ll need a little bit of dexterity to bring the rubber band through the opening of the lid. Loop the rubber band over the swing cap before screwing on the lid.


Now it’s time to fill the inner bottle! This got Trout’s attention!

Fill with treats!

Before this point, I hadn’t thought of where or how I’d hang it so he could use it, but with two zip ties I was able to mount it securely to his favorite perch. If I remember next time I’m at the hardware store, I’ll pick up some white zip ties to make it prettier. 🙂 

Zip tie treat dispenser to perch

It took him a little while to figure it out, but he seems to like it now! It helps that there’s delicious Party Mix inside!

Trout wants his Party Mix!

I hope you and your cat enjoy this fun project! 

Show me in the comments how yours turned out! Did your cat figure it out?


    • Amber

      Thanks, Elise! Trout loves it! I’ve had to cut back on how many treats I put in there or he’ll just hang out by the dispenser all day LOL!

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