Brain Aging in Pets – Part Two – Symptoms

Symptoms of brain aging, or cognitive dysfunction, are often subtle in their presentation and because of that go unreported. As your pet ages, you’ll need to team up with your veterinarian to be sure your buddy gets the best possible care in their sunset years. Here’s what you should be looking for. Remember to keep … [Read more…]

My First Guest Post!

My friend Kelly over at I Love My Dog More Than My Kids invited me to write a post about reactivity in dogs. Of course, I was thrilled because those are the dogs I spend the most time on! The post is about how to finding the courage to take your reactive dog on the walks … [Read more…]

9 Tricks to Feed Your Picky Eater

Author’s Note: Hey cat owners! If your cat is a picky eater check out my article on dry vs. wet food to see ways to get your picky kitty eating the right food to keep them healthy! Most dog owners wonder if their dogs even taste their food as they inhale it. For these people, … [Read more…]

Ending Puppy Play Biting

What’s cuter than a puppy? Very few things, that’s for sure! Raising a puppy, just like raising a toddler, is equal parts rewarding and exhausting. Play biting or mouthiness is a common problem for puppy owners that can get out of hand as the dog gets older but can easily be addressed with a few consistent … [Read more…]

Counterconditioning Fear

Most dogs live in a very predictable world. They know what to expect from you and their surroundings on a day to day basis, which is very comforting. Even humans enjoy a certain amount of predictability! Fears seem to pop up out of nowhere, but it’s often time the result of surprises or irregularities. Counterconditioning … [Read more…]

Recognizing Fearful Body Language

Fear is my favorite subject. When you consider how many problem behaviors stem from fear you’ll realize how important it is to better understand it.  The more we know about fear the more we can do to help our animals overcome it. Even for the most rational humans, fear can be debilitating, so it’s no … [Read more…]

How You’re Making Problem Behaviors Worse!

Many of your dog’s unruly behaviors are attention seeking. It makes sense! We’re our dog’s best friends! But what do you do when their needy behavior becomes obnoxious? For many people, needy behavior manifests itself in the form of barking, jumping, or mouthiness (biting but without aggression). Most people take to Google (I’m glad you … [Read more…]

DIY High-Value Dog Treats

I love to cook. Not because I like to show off my mad skills in the kitchen, but because I love feeding my friends and family. It’s how I show them I care. The same goes for my pets! The first treat we ever gave Gremlin were homemade peanut butter banana oatmeal cookies. They were … [Read more…]

Come Home Happy! End Destructive Chewing

It can be demoralizing to come home to a coffee table that used to have four legs, a sofa that is now inside out and your kid’s favorite teddy bear who is now an amputee. Destructive chewing is a common reason for relinquishment to shelters. If this grisly scene is a regular part of your … [Read more…]