Brain Aging in Pets – Part Two – Symptoms

Symptoms of brain aging, or cognitive dysfunction, are often subtle in their presentation and because of that go unreported. As your pet ages, you’ll need to team up with your veterinarian to be sure your buddy gets the best possible care in their sunset years. Here’s what you should be looking for. Remember to keep … [Read more…]

Six Signs Your Cats Are Best Friends

A common thread among folks looking to take on a second cat is wanting their resident cat to have a friend. This can be tricky business for any pet owner, especially for cat owners since cats are considered to be only semi-social. This isn’t to say people shouldn’t have multiple cats, just that having multiple … [Read more…]

The End is Near – Declawing in the U.S.

I’ve worked as a veterinary assistant and have heard people ask about declawing their cats. For most of these people, the question was asked nonchalantly, like all we do is put them under long enough to pluck out their claws. Luckily, most of the clinic’s clientele were mortified when the vets would explain that declawing … [Read more…]

The Happy Multi-Cat Home

  My cat, Trout, is very different than the cat we had before him, Hobo Joe. Joe was both a fierce hunter and lover, while Trout is neither. We enjoy Trout mostly from a distance because that’s how he mostly enjoys us. Friends of mine, with cats of their own, report personalities similar to Joe’s and … [Read more…]

Frustration in Cats

  It seems like every time I open a book or read a study about cats I learn something really cool. Cats very closely parallel their wild ancestors in so many ways, which makes studying them so much fun. Most recently I read about frustration in cats and think that there are some common behavior … [Read more…]

Territorial Behavior Problems

Cats are curious little creatures. They’re completely domesticated but have retained a number of their wild instincts. Their domestication story is really interesting and sheds light on how this happened. One of the wild traits they’ve maintained is their fierce territoriality and with that the need to watch over it. These two instincts can lead to … [Read more…]

Counterconditioning Fear

Most dogs live in a very predictable world. They know what to expect from you and their surroundings on a day to day basis, which is very comforting. Even humans enjoy a certain amount of predictability! Fears seem to pop up out of nowhere, but it’s often time the result of surprises or irregularities. Counterconditioning … [Read more…]

DIY Cat Treat Dispenser!

I’ve been wanting to do something fun for Trout, but I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly. So, naturally, I took to Pinterest, where I found an Instructable for a Cat Powered Auto Feeder. Sounds cool, right?! I read through the instructions and figured out a few ways to streamline the design. This is … [Read more…]

How To Stop Destructive Scratching

As first-time cat owners, we listened in horror as our kitten’s claws ripped into the wingback chair that was once my husband’s grandfather’s (don’t worry, the plan has always been to reupholster it!). Like other cat owners, we rushed out for scratching posts. And, like other cat owners, we watched as our kitten played with … [Read more…]

Socializing Your Kitten

My favorite seasons used to be centered around food and activities. I love autumn for the foliage and all the festivities. During the winter I love enjoying delicious Florida citrus and long hikes without the fear of snakes. After getting my first job in animal welfare, I discovered why summer is more exciting than just … [Read more…]