I’m Amber.


A few years ago, I got my law school acceptance letter, something I’d worked my whole life for. I didn’t care. I wasn’t excited, but I knew I should have been. At the time, I was working for the humane society as an adoption counselor. I worked with the rescues, paired them with the perfect people and cleaned up poop. I was feeling fulfilled. My husband was supportive enough to recognize that and started the conversation about what to do next. Now I’m working toward my masters degree in animal behavior so that I can open a shelter of my own for difficult to adopt animals. Everyone loves a wagging tail, but I find myself gravitating to those animals who have lost their way.

I spend a lot of time reading and studying behavior. The connection we have with our animals can last a lifetime and I find that beautiful and inspiring. It motivates me to learn something new every day. I started this site to share with you what I learn. I hope there will be something in these pages that helps you better understand your animal (easy and difficult alike) so that you can deepen your connection.

This is Gremlin,


He’s our 8-year-old Jack Russell/French Bulldog mix. Weird, we know! We adopted him at two and a half years old. Gremlin was my engagement ring before the proposal (don’t worry ladies, he did put an actual ring on it!). He was a scared and skeptical boy. He accepted us right away for the most part, but it has taken several years for him to come around to the select other people he has let in. The more I have grown to understand him the more I fall in love with him. In Gremlin, I found my soul mate; maybe more of a kindred spirit. Either way, I sometimes worry that I’ll never love another dog the same way. Everything I am working toward is because of him.

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